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Billy's Wax On Wheels Mobile Detailing &
Pressure Washing (Commercial & Residential)

Committed To 
Serving You With Quality and Value
(334) 677- 9299       Licensed & Insured


Billy's Wax On Wheels offers complete automotive detailing services for your company vehicles beginning with a simple wash and vac to a complete bumper to bumper detail.  Please give us a call for quotes based on the number of vehicles and service desired.  We bring our own water and electricity and use very little product for a shine you and your clients will notice.

Is pollen or highway dust a problem at your car lot?  Have us come out on a weekly basis to spray and dry for as little as  $ 6- $10 a car.  

We are fully licensed and insured by State Farm so not to worry.  


334 677 - WAXX (9299)

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